Who We Are

Karen Warner HeadshotSince 2002, we have been designing and delivering coaching and consulting services to help Fortune 1000 companies and their executives improve behavior, performance, and visibility at the place where business, leadership and people intersect.

At our core, we’re business people, first and foremost. We bring decades of corporate and executive experience to all our programs. We have ourselves grappled with commercial, ethical and political complexity. Our coaches have run businesses, departments, and companies. We have global experience. We know firsthand: it’s complicated out there!

We understand the importance of personal and professional branding. Often our coaching clients come to us because they need help being heard, seen and recognized by their employees, peers and bosses. That’s why we’ve developed ways to not only discover vision and thought leadership, but to deliver it as well. Because of our marketing and business roots, we know the power of design, and we help our clients create tools that make people stop and pay attention.