Our Resources Work for You

In an age of increasing digitization, we have created “tangibles” to uncover and reinforce new insights. We have learned from our clients that tools, materials and experiences accelerate learning and reinforce new behaviors. For example, we offer a workshop on how to network with no unnatural acts. Attendees receive a deck of cards that contain 50 networking activities geared toward their behavior style along with a workbook to lay out an actionable plan. Our “tangibles” accompany our coaching and leadership development engagements and accelerate the pace of acceptance and change.

The Spiral of Executive Impact
The executive’s impact spirals outward to transform the organization as a whole. The organization is a silent partner in our coaching process.
The Elements of Executive ImpactTM
We are committed to tangible outcomes — results with impact. While we follow clients into the heart of their issues, we offer guidance using this five-phase approach designed to move clients from intention to impact.
Our Tangible Products
Easily WIredTM: Workshop in a Box, CD presentation, cards, facilitator’s guide.
VisionologyTM: The art of discovering and practicing your vision.
Creating Value Through People: Interviews with 25 thought leaders on maximizing your human capital.
Firms of Endearment: A study of the culture and financial performance of high-profile companies.
Tangible’s Capabilities: A booklet describing how Tangible can help you or your organization. Download the PDF here:  Tangible-Capabilities.pdf

The Elements of Executive Impact, Easily Wired, and Visionology are trademarks of the Tangible Group.